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Sheesham Wood V/S Mango Wood?

Sheesham Wood -

Sheesham furniture is very popular in India. Sheesham wood ranges from being golden brown to a dark brown or chestnut color with darker streaks that give this wood a rich and lustrous appearance.Highly durable wood and offers great resistance to dry-wood termites.This wood is also used as a fuel alternative for heating and cooking food.Interlocked grains of Sheesham wood provide strength and durability to furniture.Sheesham is an affordable and cheaper alternative for teakwood but holds characteristics far better than its comrade. It is more beautiful with its dark streaks and different brown and red hues.


Mango Wood -

Mango wood is categorized as hardwood because of its strength, density, attractive looks, and durability that allows it not to wear out quickly and keep its high luster texture for many years.Mango wood is typically more affordable than most hardwoods because it’s more sustainable.It is generally liked for its greenish-brown color and its coarse texture. The wood also allows for exquisite carvings since it can be cut and shaped easily, yet another reason for preferring Mango wood furniture.

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